Guiding You Through The Journey To The Cloud

Cloud Solutions

Things we do to Craft Cloud Success

Our group of dedicated SMEs, oversee your business infrastructure and provide consulting services in the following areas.


Mitigate risks


Lower migration costs


Migrate workloads as-is without re-platforming the applications


Migrate workloads from on-prem to on-cloud or across clouds

Cloud Adoption made Easy

Intuitive utilizes proven cloud adoption methodologies to understand the business and technology needs of our clients to optimize the cloud migration journey. Intuitive’s cloud solution SMEs understand the importance of this journey and ensure a smooth and seamless migration to the cloud.


A World of Cloud for a Universe of Benefits

We help migrate your business infrastructure to cloud at an optimum cost. We ensure your business is operationally ready and achieves the following objectives.


Reduced IT costs

Virtual processes

Rapid provision and release

Workspace collaboration

Overcome dilemmas of Digital Transformation as we help you evolve your IT business model. With migration support for public and private clouds – AWS, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, OpenStack, and IBM.

We implement customized strategies to align your business goals and objectives using hybrid cloud solutions. The outcome – maximized scalability, performance, and availability, with the benefits of both public and private cloud solutions. Our expertise, frameworks, and partnerships focus on addressing all cloud challenges enabling you to focus on the growth of your business.