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By Bhuvaneswari Subramani / Mar 28, 2023

Seamless Migration: Moving from On-Premise to AWS Cloud

A global financial institution, our customer, acquired a US-based company with technology platforms, full-service travel agency, gift cards, merchandise, and points back business.....

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By Harsh Viradia / Mar 27, 2023

Network Security and Firewall

Network Security faces a wide range of challenges in the modern technology landscape. There are some real-time challenges like evolving threats, advanced....

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By Axat Shah / Mar 27, 2023

Enhancing Network Security using ENIs

Network security is an ever-growing concern for businesses looking to manage their network infrastructure in today's digital landscape. While cloud computing has made it easier than.....

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By Pritam Dodeja / Mar 20, 2023

Business opportunities & challenges posed by rapid advances in Machine Learning

It seems that with each passing day, some new advance is celebrated in the mainstream media about what Machine Learning can now do...

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By Balaji Ramulapalli / Mar 15, 2023

Deploying a ReactJS Web Application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Azure DevOps Pipeline

This post demonstrates how to create a simple Azure DevOps project, repository, and pipeline to deploy an ReactJS Web application...

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By Bhuvaneswari Subramani / Mar 14, 2023

Query AWS Cloud Trail Events

This post will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to store CloudTrail logs in an AWS CloudTrail Lake and leverage SQL…

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By Piyush Jalan / Mar 13, 2023

Disaster Recovery (DR): WHY and HOW?

Disaster Recovery (DR) in Cloud Computing involves the use of cloud solutions to ensure the continuity and reliability of business operations in the event of a disaster...

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By Muskan Rawat, Dinky Lakhani, Janvi Thakkar, Shaily shah / Mar 06, 2023

Cloud Observability and Monitoring: Ensuring Optimal Performance and Reliability

Aggregating the internal state data of your system and wondering what to do with it? Well, that’s where Cloud Observability and Monitoring comes to your rescue…

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